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Did you check your website and notice that you had this red screen pop up that says “the site ahead contains malware”? This means that Google has put up this warning page to PROTECT your visitors from visiting your dangerous website! That’s right – Google thinks your site is dangerous and unsafe. You may have also been shut down by your hosting company because of malware which is also very common. Getting hacked is bad in so many ways, first of all, it is devastating to your business almost instantly.

You can expect to lose 100% of your business within 24 hours. This is horrible for your reputation especially if you take payments on your website. People will not feel comfortable and safe if you have a reputation of getting hacked. It is vital that you take action to get your site clean and back online quickly. This is very frustrating and scary especially if you depend on your website for income or you have invested a lot of money into your site. We are experts in fixing hacked sites and our technicians have many years of experience and are committed to ensuring our customers’ websites are malware free and back online as soon as possible.

Website owners usually do not know that their website contains malware until they receive a notification from Google or their hosting company. Also many times they will notice in the search results a warning that says “this site may be hacked” under their Google listing. In a very short period website owners can lose a significant amount of income. This problem will not go away. If not fixed quickly Google will take action and your search engine rankings will start to suffer not to mention most hosting companies will shut down your entire hosting account once they realize you have malware on your website. These hackers are unscrupulous, destroying another person’s property for personal gain. Hackers gain access to your site in various ways. Some use automated tools to brute force and find your easy passwords. Many times they take advantage of and exploit outdated plugins, themes, and WordPress versions to gain access to your website.

Our Website Malware Removal service will clean your site and secure it against future attacks for a one-time affordable fee. Many hosting companies and other malware removal services will try to lock you into a monthly fee. Please remember that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to remove the malware from your website. Many of my clients have reported paying $50-$100 per month to their hosting company to remove the malware and then having to purchase our service because the malware came back. We will remove the malware and harden your site, so you don’t get hacked again. You have worked very hard and probably spent thousands of dollars on your website. Our service is 100% guaranteed that means if we cannot fix your site we will refund your money. Ready to get started? Click here to see our packages.

If you have gotten hacked, try to stay calm. We know how horrible this seems but every day, over 30,000 websites are hacked and infected with malware. Although any site can be hacked and infected with malware, most of the time, websites that are running on the WordPress platform are infected with malware more often than regular static websites. If WordPress themes and plugins are not kept up-to-date, they are more vulnerable to hackers.

It is important to keep your WordPress version, plugins and themes updated to avoid hacker vulnerability. Although we are experts in malware removal for any website, the most common websites that are vulnerable to malware are WordPress sites. Our website malware removal service will clean the malware from any site quickly and efficiently. We can fix any hacked site including WordPress, Joomla, Static HTML, PHP, and more.

There are so many tutorials on the internet that give instruction on how to remove the malware from your website. These tutorials are confusing and incomplete if you do not have a good understanding of your content management system and understand where hackers hide the malware and the tricks they use to get back to your site even after you thought you had removed all of the malware. Not to mention one wrong click and you may delete your website files or the entire database.

If you are on shared hosting and you have one infected website on your hosting account, there is a good chance that other sites on the same hosting are infected with malware. It is important to fix or delete any infected website, so they do not reinfect each other. Our service will check all of the websites on the server and inform you of any other hacked sites. To ensure that all the malware is gone, either the infected websites need to be cleaned or deleted. Then you will have a clean server, and you will not be reinfected again.

We recommend that you hire a professional to remove the malware from your website. If you are not familiar with this process, it is very easy to delete the wrong file and boom crash your site. Also, this will save you time. Why waste days or even weeks trying to fix your website when we can usually have your site fixed within 24-48 hours. We will also remove any Google blacklist you have and get your back on track. Every day that your website is down, you are losing money. We can fix your problem very quickly and have your site back online. We will also provide you a full report of exactly what we did to protect your website and harden it. Our staff is standing ready to get started to remove the malware. We are standing by ready to get started on your order. You can click here to see my packages or you can give me a call at 1-800-983-6120 . I look forward to talking to you soon.