The site ahead contains malware – How To Fix

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Google malware warningDid you notice that when you were visiting your website your saw a message that said “the site ahead contains malware”? This is a major shocker for most people and they really don’t understand what is really happening.

Here is what you need to know. Google routinely scans the internet looking for sites that are running malware or malicious software. Once they find a website they blacklist it and put up the red warning screen to protect the visitors from getting infected. Read More

How To Remove Malware From Your Joomla Website

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Joomla is a very popular content management system (CMS) second in popularity to WordPress. Unfortunately, it still gets hacked by unscrupulous individuals looking for vulnerabilities to hack these sites for the sole purpose to install malware. Joomla is susceptible to hackers if you are using an old version of Joomla or if you have outdated plugins and themes as well. In this article, I will show you how to remove the malware from your Joomla website. Read More

My Bluehost website was hacked and suspended for malware!

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Was your Bluehost website hacked and suspended for malware?  When Bluehost suspends a website, the customer receives an email notification that their site is shut down. Not to mention that when you go to your website, it is down. Your first reaction may be to panic with many thoughts racing through your mind. Often people wonder if their site is crashed beyond repair or if their personal information is stolen. It’s an overwhelming feeling. Every day thousands of Americans wake up to a similar message. As hacking websites for profit become more attractive for cyber criminals, malware is a fact of life in the internet world. However, we can offer an easy solution to the problem. Our service can repair your site quickly and have it back online usually within 24-48 hours. Remember the longer your site is down, ranking in the search engines may be affected. Read More

My Hostgator website was hacked and suspended for malware

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screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-5-38-22-pmWas your Hostgator website hacked and suspended for malware? When Hostgator shuts down your website, it can be very frightening, but it is best practice for hosting companies to shut down sites that contain malware. You are not alone. As hackers become more aggressive, thousands of websites are infected with malicious code each day. The good news is that my service can fix your site quickly and efficiently for a one time fee. Hosting companies try to force their customers to hire one of their partner services to remove the malware. They want you to pay a monthly fee for a long as you own the website. It is ridiculous to pay each month, totally unnecessary. Don’t fall for this!! Read More

My Godaddy website was hacked and suspended for malware

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godaddy-website-hacked-for-malwareWas your Godaddy website hacked? If so this is very common and it is also very common to have your website shut down by Godaddy for malware infection. There are thousands of websites every hour that are hacked. Here is what you can do to fix this problem quickly and affordably.

Your hosting company is going to try to make you pay huge monthly fees to remove the malware. Don’t fall for that. They are gonna send you to their partner company and then boom! You will be asked to pay $40-$100 per month. Don’t fall for it! Read More